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Mission: Cancer Mission 2020 is a grass roots initiative dedicated to putting an end to cancer by the year 2020.

About Cancer Mission 2020

Cancer Mission 2020, a grass roots initiative of Camp Good Days and Special Times, is dedicated to putting an end to cancer. Today, an American's chance of being diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, for women is 1 in 3, and for men is 1 in 2. In 2019, this is not acceptable.

We need your help! Our goal is to bring thousands of signatures to Congress in support of Cancer Mission 2020. Join us as one united voice to end cancer, by signing the Cancer Mission 2020 petition (links to petition page within the Cancer Mission 2020 website).



Gary Mervis is the founder of both Cancer Mission 2020 and Camp Good Days and Special Times, Inc. Camp Good Days is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and family affected by cancer. Gary began Camp Good Days in 1979, following the diagnosis of his youngest daughter, Teddi, with a malignant brain tumor. While Teddi sadly lost her battle to cancer, her legacy lives on. In 2009, Gary had a vision to begin Cancer Mission 2020, after attending nine funerals for children who had lost their battle with cancer.

Launched in 2010, Cancer Mission 2020 was started in Rochester, NY, as a grassroots initiative with the ultimate end goal of making cancer a chronic illness, rather than something that robs so many of their lives prematurely. Cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence.

In 2012, three Congressional Cancer Summits were held. Healthcare professionals, oncologists, and doctors from throughout New York State attended with the common goal of finding the answers to cancer.

These summits resulted in the realization that there has been considerable success in pediatric cancer research and treatment options. Remarkable progress has been made in the past two decades: more than 75% of children diagnosed with cancer today will be long-term survivors. This progress is largely the result of high participation rates in well-organized clinical trials.

However when it came to adult clinical trials, participation was much lower. A recent analysis showed that approximately 1% - 3% of adult cancer patients participate in clinical trials, while 50% of children aged zero to 14 years old participated. With figures like this, it is easy to understand why America alone loses 11,000 citizens to cancer each year. These people do not live in a vacuum; they are our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and children.

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